Poxnora Lingo

Today I set up the blog portion of Pox Pulse, and to kick things off I am going to cover what some of the things people say within the Poxnora community actually mean!

I will add to this as time goes on. Alphabetized for convenience.

Flavor of the month. Poxnora players use this term to describe the abundance of a strategy/deck being used in the current Meta game.

Poxnora players tend to say META when describing the best or most competitive runes or battle groups. This is of course all opinion based, and you will often receive different ideas of what is META or not from different players.

One Rounded
The act of killing a champion in one round. Generally, you want to avoid this happening to you, and dish it out. If you can kill a champion before they can act, you are in a great position.

Overpowered. Though generally used while complaining after a loss, the term OP is used to describe something within the game which is too strong or imbalanced.

Power Creep
A reference to the pattern of runes from newer expansions replacing older runes by way of the newer being more powerful. This is somewhat controversial, but most would agree that as runes are released with each expansion that a noticeable level of Power Creep is present.

Poxnora players tend to throw this term around more than necessary. In general, it simply means a rune that no one is using because it SUCKS or has been power crept.

Working as intended. This term is generally used in bug posts where one person thinks a particular game mechanic is a bug, and another person says WAI!


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2 Responses to Poxnora Lingo

  1. Cognito says:

    I used to play Poxnora a long time ago and just got burned out. Logged back in today and saw the new Free to Play Gold store and got really excited to play again. Is there a Poxnora community to speak of anymore?
    Loved the article, hope to hear back from ya

    • Insomniac1 says:

      The community is mostly in game and on the forums. Generally there are a few hundred players online at any given time with spikes during expansions ect.

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