Poxnora Draft Tournaments

With the Heritage expansion on the horizon, it has been brought to my attention that Draft Tournaments aren’t very well documented. Many Poxnora players don’t even know what a draft tournament is, or how to participate. Being that I love draft tournaments, this is unacceptable! I’m going to explain all of the little details, and possibly upload images/video later.

What is a Draft Tournament?

A draft tournament is a special format of Poxnora tournaments where each player is given a semi-random set of 30 runes to play with. I say semi-random because the runes are drawn from packs, but the player gets to pick which runes to take from the packs.

How does a Draft Tournament work?

The way a draft tournament works is that each player starts by opening a pack, picks a rune from that pack, and passes the remainder of the runes on to the next player. The next player then picks from the remaining runes, and passes what is left on. This continues until the pack is exhausted. Each player then opens another pack and the process continues. This process repeats 3 times, at which point every player will have 30 runes.

After the “drafting” phase, the tournament continues on just like any other single-elimination tournament. The only exception is that unlike standard tournaments, each player will now have a set of 30 runes chosen from packs, rather than being constructed from their collections.

How do I participate?

To participate in a Poxnora draft tournament, you first need to know which type of draft tournament you are playing. There are currently three different modes at the time of posting this, with an additional format being released “soon”.

The first format is called 9-ticket draft. You must pay 9 event tickets to enter. In this format, you keep all of the runes you pick during the drafting phase. Additionally, for each round you win, you will receive a refund of 3 tickets. The winner of the tournament will additionally receive a limited edition rune which is different every expansion.

The second format is called single-ticket draft. You must pay 1 event ticket to enter. In this format, you keep NONE of the runes you pick during the drafting phase. The winner of the draft tournament will receive two event tickets and a limited edition rune. Second place receives one ticket.

The third format is simply a free weekend tournament which is hosted by the Poxnora team every once in a while. Everyone can participate in these for free at the designated time. You do not keep any runes you draft, but are awarded gold for winning.

To begin playing any of the formats, you must go to the tournament lobby tab through the Poxnora game client, choose your game format, and hit the “enter tournament” button. In order to play, you must have the required number of tickets, which can be traded for or purchased in the Poxnora marketplace. Naturally the free weekend tournament does not require tickets.

Note that some states cannot participate in tournaments due to gambling laws or something like that. If you try to enter and it says you can’t play, you can’t. Sorry :(. The official rules for draft tournaments as well as which states cannot participate can be found here.

Upcoming changes to Draft Tournaments

At the time of writing this post, draft tournaments feature 3 packs from specific expansions which you will draw from. After the release of the Heritage expansion which has been scheduled for early August, drafts will feature 2 of the latest expansion, and 1 special “draft” pack. Details here.

Additionally, the Poxnora team will be introducing Swiss Draft, where rather than being done after losing the first round, you continue playing another two. This guarantees that everyone gets to play three games. They have mentioned that you will win tickets for every win, whether you lose during the first round or not. Exact details have yet to be released. Info here.

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