Playing Poxnora for Free

I’m Broke but I Want to Play Poxnora

So you don’t want to or cannot pay to play Poxnora, but you’d like to be competitive. Fortunately, you can! With the addition of the gold store at the release of Heroes’ Dawn it is now easier than ever to play Poxnora without spending a dime.

The key is getting the runes you need to build an effective deck. To do so, you will need to either save up gold from playing games or have friends gift you the runes, and trade vigorously. Either way, to be truly competitive you need to have competitive runes. The Burning Tree deck you get when signing up (or used to, I’m not sure anymore) simply will not cut it. Fortunately, there are quite a few resources you can use to build up your rune collection.

Player Rewards (Gold Store)

The absolute best way to get free runes is to play Poxnora and spend the gold you earn in the player rewards tab of the website.

Training Grounds Runepool

Perhaps best way to trade for the runes you need is to use the Training Grounds Rune Pool. All of the rules relating to the runepool can be found at the runepool itself. The gist of it is that you can trade your commons and uncommons or even your rares for others on a 1:1 basis. KTCAOP (the one running the pool) is a very nice person and spends their own time and money to maintain the runepool so please be respectful and say thank you.

Rune Trader

The Poxnora website features a rune trader which you can use to trade with other players. The way it works is one player puts up a rune or set of runes for trade, and another player bids some of his own runes in exchange. The player who created the trade then declines or accepts. Multiple bids can be up at a time, similar to an auction, but here you barter for runes instead of cash.


Though you can acquire runes with gold and trade with runepools or other players, often there are those hard to get runes which are still out of reach. also known as Pox Portal (PP) is a reputable, honest and well stocked store/trade website. They have nearly every rune available for trade. The downside of using this site is that they are a business of sorts. They have to make a profit off of your trades, so it is a bit like a pawn shop or card shop. You give more for less. Also, at the time of writing this article, tcgbay is also what most players base their ideas of “value” on for their runes. Get used to looking up prices here when trading.

Pox Box

Similar to Pox Portal, is a new website out to make a profit. Pox Box tends to be a faster transaction as trades are filled via scripting as opposed to a store representative, but their stock is much lower.

Promotional Sales

I realize this is an article about playing for free, but you really get the most out of Poxnora by paying to play. Every so often Sony Online Entertainment will announce a sale on station cash which you can take advantage of for Poxnora! These sales generally pop up around holidays. If you’re serious about Poxnora, the sales are something I highly recommend.

Words of Wisdom

In the end, the largest impact on your success in Poxnora will come from practice. You need to learn what the abilities/spells/champions in the game can do, and you need to play intelligently. Regardless of whether or not you have the “good” runes, you’ll lose many games if you don’t put in the effort to learn the game. If you’re new, I suggest using the nifty Random Rune feature I built into Pox Pulse to study up (located under the runes drop down at the top of every page).

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3 Responses to Playing Poxnora for Free

  1. Pietrzak says:

    just wanted to say that your website is awesome and I appreciate all the hardwork you have put into it!

  2. Carey says:

    I just registered this week and started playing this game. Someone directed me to your website and what a help it has been. All the runes are here in great detail along with all the abilities. I can’t believe SOE doesn’t have something like this on their site. Your website is amazing, please keep it alive. So far I love this game and I will definitely get you a draft ticket, how much are they?


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