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Exclusive Interview with Poxnora’s Lead Design, Derek Chin (aka Sokolov)

What follows is an exclusive interview conducted by myself, Insomniac1, featuring PoxNora’s new Lead Design, Derek Chin also known as Sokolov. The interview was conducted by email and has been officially approved. PoxPulse: As many may know, you were a … Continue reading

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Playing Poxnora for Free

I’m Broke but I Want to Play Poxnora So you don’t want to or cannot pay to play Poxnora, but you’d like to be competitive. Fortunately, you can! With the addition of the gold store at the release of Heroes’ … Continue reading

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Poxnora Draft Tournaments

With the Heritage expansion on the horizon, it has been brought to my attention that Draft Tournaments aren’t very well documented. Many Poxnora players don’t even know what a draft tournament is, or how to participate. Being that I love … Continue reading

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Poxnora Lingo

Today I set up the blog portion of Pox Pulse, and to kick things off I am going to cover what some of the things people say within the Poxnora community actually mean! I will add to this as time … Continue reading

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